rentals honda tornado
190 US$ PER DAY (minimum 3 days)
175 US$ PER DAY (minimum 7 days)
160 US$ PER DAY (minimum 14 days)


  • SOAT - Basic insurance (Covers only personal injury to the rider, pillion rider and third parties !)
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Tool & tire kit
  • Helmet
  • Watertight bag

* If you take an extra passenger in the motorbike, you’ve to pay US$ 30 extra(for the extra equipment that we’ll bring you: helmet, gloves)


  • Minimum rental period is 3 days.
  • A rental day runs from 00:00 hr. untill 24:00 hr.


With our 'Additional Damage Reduction Insurance: US$ 500.00
Without our 'Additional Damage Reduction Insurance: US$ 2,500.00
The safety deposit can be paid in cash or with (ONLY !) a Visa credit card. If you surrender the motocycle undamaged, we will return the safety deposit directly to you. In case of damage, this will be settled with the safety deposit.

The guarantee will be given back to you, once the motorbike will be delivered us in the same conditions that you’ve received it. If the motorbike might have some damage, we will use the amount from the guarantee according the repair or mechanical assistance costs, if the expenses go over the guarantee amount, we will use your entire guarantee amount and the insurance will cover the rest. We’ll follow the same procedure if the motorbike was stolen.


US$ 15.00 per day per motorcycle
This insurance covers only damage to the rental motorcycle and reduces the excess/deductible to a maximum of US$ 500.00.
Without this insurance all damage to the rental motorcycle is for the renter. This could be more than the safety deposit of US$ 2,500.00 !
It is NOT possible to (re-)insure property damage to third parties (3rd party liability) !


  • Garmin GPS (with Peruvian map): US$ 10.00 per day.
  • BMW Panniers: US$ 15.00 per day
  • BMW Topcase: US$ 10.00 per day
  • Full tank guarantee US$ 30.00. You can return the rental motorcycle with an empty tank.


  • You need to have a valid motorcycle dirivers' license in your country of residence, for the class of motorcycle you want to rent.
  • You can NOT leave Peru with our Rental Motorcycles.
  • Extra costs for returning the motorcycle without a full tank of gas: US$ 50.00.

* The motorcycles are only available in AREQUIPA


BMW F800
190 US$ PER DAY (minimum 3 days)
175 US$ PER DAY (minimum 7 days)
160 US$ PER DAY (minimum 14 days)

BMW R1200 GS (LC)

BMW R1200
250 US$ PER DAY (minimum 3 days)
230 US$ PER DAY (minimum 7 days)
215 US$ PER DAY (minimum 14 days)

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