Our Communities Tours represent an original and new alternative for a responsible tourism which supports the local development of the rural communities we’re working with.

Another objective of these programs is to allow the tourists to get in direct contact with local people and to know the traditional Andean culture.

Our programs offer a variety of social and interactive activities which are directly organized and managed by ourcommunities. The benefits for them are really important and not just in economical terms! 

Whether you’ll decide to visit Amaru or Pacchanta, you’ll see how local people live and work every day of their lives. Moreover, you’ll be surrounded by amazing landscapes and fully immerged in nature…

In Amaru, you’ll learn all the process of traditional weaving and you’ll also learn a lot of interesting tips about natural medicine and traditional agriculture.

In Pacchanta, the farmers of the Apu Ausangate will teach you to how to shear alpaca’s wool, to take the fiber out and to weave traditional clothing! 

In both communities you’ll live and extraordinary experience of sharing and of discovers which will probably be one of the best and purest souvenirs of your trip to Perú!

So, don’t hesitate to contact us! Let us take you to the core of the Andes where Gregorio, Eusebio and Valentina are waiting for you to present you to their families and to share some special moments of their life in your company!.