Eric Adventures makes Spiritual retreats and diets with Ayahuasca in Cusco in a time of 4 days. The members will have the chance to know and try the  benefits of the traditional Andean and Amazonian medicine, specially of the mother plant of the Ayahuasca, of this way you will begin your own personal way to the harmony, the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional healing

The retreats are for the people who are looking for the serious and reflective links with master plants, they should have very deep motivations in order to cure their body and discover the paths of auto growth and spiritual and emotional balance, we ask to the participants to be patient and have a lot of faith, because through these principles we will reach a harmony and a good relationship with the Mother nature to grow with "the feet on the ground and the head in the sky, the retreats are done with a maximum of fifth people, the retreats involve care, integration, consultation and personalized guide, We require discipline and seriousness before and during the time that last withdrawals, especially

when it comes to comply with the food restrictions (food with low content of salt and sugar), fasting, and hours of rest and retreat


Purification Ritual of with binge plants and tobacco. The plants will be ingested in the form of BREW and black tobacco powder will be blown in the nostrils of the participant.
Session baths with cleansing and aromatic plants.

Intake of different preparations and infusions of medicinal plants.
Will be done tow ceremonies of Ayahuasca, to the Ayahuasca people call Doctor, because it cures, Master because it teach and mother because it will guide you will give you power and vision


  • Transportation (Cusco – Sacred Valley – Cusco)
  • Accommodation and meals in our house for rest (located like one hour of trip from Cusco in Peru)

Diet for preparation:

the Chamanismo and the Ayahuasca are disciplined and strict to obtain healing, power methods and personal growth."
In order to learn from the master plants the body should be purify and has been harmonize, the participant should required many The participant must comply with recommendations like following days before retirement:

  • The participant should reduce the excess sugar, salt and pepper in their food.
  • The person won’t eat any type of meat, especially red meat and pork.
  • And not drink coffee or soda.

Consider the following contraindications:

Pregnant women or women in menstruation period and people with heart problems, cannot make the Ayahuasca ritual it will be dangerous.



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