Cultural Tour Taquile and Uros Islands

Taquile, is a fascinating island on the Lake Titicaca. It is 45km from Puno. It is about seven km long and one km wide and has several hills with Inca terracing. The scenery of the island is beautiful. The soil is a deep earthy red color which in the strong highland sunlight, contrasts magnificently against the intense blue of the lake. The backdrop of the snow-capped Cordillera Real on the far side completes a splendid picture. The people wear colorful traditional clothes which they make themselves, they speak Quechua rather than the Aymara language of most Titicaca Indians, maintain a strong sense of group individuality and don't often marry with non-Taquile people.


Early in the morning our guide will pick you up from your hotel, to go to the Punos port, there we will take the motorboat (2 hour trip) to go to Taquile island(We can also visit the Uros Floating Islands in the way), our guide will tell you everything about these places, the traditions of their inhabitants, etc, We will go back to Puno in the afternoon.

* We highly recommend to spend one night on the island. A day tour is not recommended if you want to see the complete island.


  • Professional English Speaking Guide
  • Entrance fees
  • Transportation

We recommend to bring
  • Day pack
  • Water bottle, flash light, hat, sun block, sunglasses
  • Warm clothes, Jacket
  • Chocolates, candies or other snacks
  • Photo Camera + Films, Video camera


Prices in US Dollars per person


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