Day 1: Uros - Llachón - Amantaní

Pick up at the hotel at 6.40 a.m.. We travel in a private van to the Esteves Island. Here begins our briefing on safety and we’ll deliver you the equipment. From this point you paddle for 45 minutes until you reach the floating islands ofUros. Along the way you can see: a great variety of birds, flora and other fauna, as well as various main activities of the Uros. After the tour, we continue in a motor boat for an hour and a half to reach the Peninsula Llachón. From here too, we begin a kayaking adventure to reach the island Amantaní. Along the road you can clearly see the crystal clear waters of the Lake Titicaca, the islands Taquile and Amantaní and the Cordillera Real in Bolivia. Arriving on the Island Amantaní, the guide will accommodate you in a house of a local family, where lunch will be served. In the afternoon we walk to the Temple of Pachatata, and then return to the family home for a dinner-show and an overnight stay.

Day 2: Amantaní - Taquile - Puno

After breakfast, preceded by a warming and the delivery of the equipment, you continue paddling for 2 ½ hours sailing to the Island of Taquile. Upon arrival you walk to the village, where you can see the famous textiles and traditional clothing. After the tour and the lunch we’ll back in town with our motor boat, arriving at around 4.20 p.m..

Recommendations: previous experience is not required. Frequency: daily. Number of persons: minimum 2 persons.


  • briefing a day before the tour
  • guide-instructor
  • support staff
  • ticket to the island
  • transfer hôtel/port/hôtel
  • support boat (with bathroom)
  • meals and overnight stay at the house of a family
  • adventure equipment + "Sea - Kayak"
  • snack, first aid kit


Prices in US Dollars


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