Chili Rafting Tour in Arequipa

Half Day Rafting Tour Outside Of Arequipa

Chili River is located between to colossal volcanoes as known Misti and Chachani in Arequipa, on the southern east of Peru territory.
The river flows from the high Andes of Arequipa and the border of Cusco and Puno, there are mountain range and lakes from where drain the cold water into the National Reserve of Aguada Blanca y Salinas, them the river goes down to Chilina Valley, Arequipa city and finally the river cut the dries desert between the Uchumayo and the Pacific Ocean.

The Chili River irrigate all the valleys like Chilina, Vitor and Chilca, where is the encounter with ocean. During the raining season the river increase the level of water making dangerous for river rafting lovers.


Not more than 7km outside Arequipa is the most frequently run local river as known Chili River with rapids class II - III - IV suitable for beginners and all ages. The Chili River offer half day fun river rafting tour on the water flows off the snow capped around Arequipa department.

Arequipa is one of Peru's premier bases for whitewater rafting. The best time to take river rafting tour in Chili River is between April to November, the raining season (Dec - March) is completely closed when the water can be dangerously high. The tour takes 1.5 hrs beginning in Chapi Chico , also as known as Charcani and runs down to near of the Puente Chilina, the water journey is around 7km lead by the experienced rafters and safety kayaker.

Eric Adventures invite you to be part of this great Chili River rafting tour with the most specialist whitewater guides. In addition you can also enjoy stunning sceneries Chachani Mountain and Misti Volcano. The Chili River rafting tour leaves from your hotel at 8am or 12pm and return to the hotel after 4 or 5 hours.


  • Transfer from hotel - river - hotel
  • Professional bilingual tour guide
  • Raft boat up to 6 people
  • Life jacket
  • Helmet
  • 1 paddle per participant
  • 2 safety kayakers
  • Snack (water, chocolate and fruits)
  • Pictures of your participation (under request for $8 USD per person)

Rain Season
  • December to March. The river is completely closed.

What to bring
  • Clothes you do not mind getting wet i.e.
  • Sandals or runnig shoes (shoes that will not come off)
  • Hat or cap to protect you from the sun
  • Sunscream
  • Short pants and T-shirts
  • Long sleeved shirt and trousers (especially for those who burn easily)
  • Bottle of Water
  • Insect repellent
  • Toiletries (towel and toilet paper)
  • Camera, plenty of film and spare batteries
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimming clothes
  • Warn clothes for the end of the trip
  • Plastic bag to protect your personal things during the rafting time


Prices in US Dollars


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