Discover shamanism in the Peruvian Amazon. Learn about the amazing healing power of medicinal plants and be part of the magic rituals performed by the Master Shaman.



Our personnel will meet and greet you at the Iquitos Airport from where you will be transferred to the city. Along the way you will briefly sightsee the tourist highlights of Iquitos, this representative Peruvian jungle town that on the 19th Century turned from a small outpost to the most important port city in the Amazon basin, acquiring an outstanding cosmopolitan status during the so called “Rubber boom”.

You will be introduced to your expert tour guide and then continue to the river wharf from where the trip to our lodge begins. Sail on the Amazon, the world’s greatest river, onboard comfortable and safe boats. During the trip you will be able to see a marvelous panorama in which the magnificence of the Amazon makes its way through the exuberance of the jungle, where picturesque villages with their particular color and joy appear on the shores of the river.
Arrival in the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge (18 Miles NE from Iquitos). Our native-style built lodge is surrounded by trees, plants and flowers, a true tropical garden where birds and butterflies are abundant. While your expert naturalist guide explains about the lodge facilities and the activities to come, our staff will serve you with a refreshing “welcome drink” made with regional exotic fruit (camu-camu, cocona, copoazu, other).
Room assignment according to reservation.

ECOCULTURAL Circuit (The Sinchicuy Watershed Ecosystem)

Short walk or canoe ride in the afternoon –depending on the season- to “Nuevo Peru” where a Yagua community has established. The Yaguas are one of the most ancient ethnic groups of the Amazon rainforest, discovered by Francisco de Orellana on his first Amazon River exploration. Visiting these friendly people will let you know their customs, see their unique apparel made of palm fibers and even try their “pucuna” or blowgun.

Lunch. Notice: Food speciality products in the Amazonas Sinchicuy include fruits from the river and the field. Filets of Dorado (Brachyplatystoma flavicans)

garnished with Cocona Sauce (Sissiliflorum), fresh palm hearts, beans, fried cassava and banana are a treat. Do not doubt in asking the chef for the recipe!

In the afternoon, you will proceed with an ethnobotanic walk on a trail where you will be able to identify some species of the plant kingdom (Cat’s Claw, Sour Cane, Copaiba, Aguaje and even Ayahuasca, the hallucinogen vine).
Tour the Santa María del Ojeal farmlands where you will see an artisanal sugar cane squeeze and fruit orchard, walk around a typical village on the shores of the Amazon. You may interact with villagers as you pass by their typical houses, schools, churches and shops; you will also see the community’s sustained development projects that are possible by ecotourism support.

You will meet the Master Shaman in a private session at his “tambo” where he performs ancient ceremonies and cleaning rites. The Master Shaman will explain about hallucinogen plants and their effect in the magic circle and he will also hold psycho therapeutic sessions to evaluate the participants’ condition and clear doubts about the “ayahuasca” take. Light dinner at the lodge. Overnight.



Very early in the morning you will have the opportunity to observe the shaman “cooking” the pieces of the magic vine “ayahuasca” accompanied by chants, spells and prayers to focus on the gods and semi-gods according to his sub consciousness expectations.

Preparation or “cooking” of “ayahuasca” takes nine hours and previously the Master Shaman and his assistants have been especially dieting for the ceremony.

Light breakfast

After breakfast you will board the boat that will take you to the opposite side of the Amazon River or “huashalado” as it is locally known.

FLORA AND FAUNA Circuit (The Yanayacu Watershed Ecosystem)

During the approximately 90-minute trip to Yanayacu (by boat and by foot), you will have the possibility to spot dolphins, main characters of fantastic tales and legends told by the river people.

Arrival in the Huashalado Village from where you will make a short walk to the Yanayacu River, where another boat will be waiting to continue your excursion in what is known as the “Kingdom of the Giant Trees”, name given  because of the size reached by some tree specimens amongst them the “lupuna” or ceiba. This is a favorite site for birds since it is in the river they find the fish and fruit that grows on its edges; even more, the thick forest offers ideal possibilities for nestling. With a bit of luck, you could also, spot monkeys moving on the tree tops or maybe a sloth hanging from a branch and thus mimetizing and making it almost impossible to be seen.

This is a thrilling trekking experience and a chance to unwind your spirit of adventure; no doubt you will enjoy it more if you wear rubber or waterproof boots appropriate for this kind of terrain. You will go down the Yanayacu River by boat or canoe, exploring this bird-rich area where among other species you may find kingfishers, hawks, egrets and a pre-historic features bird known as Hoatzin or “Shansho” (Opisthocomus hoatzin). There are also numerous medicinal plant species such as the “sachajergon”, the “oje”, the “pan de arbol” and the world famous “cat’s claw” (Uncaria Tormentosa); it is also possible to find bromeliads and epíphyite plants growing high on the tree branches. But without doubt, giant flora species are this area’s highlight: the “lupuna” tree (Ceiba pentandra), some specimens surpassing 50 meters in height; the “Victoria Regia” the largest of all water lillies, with floating leaves sometimes nearly 9 feet in diameter.

Light lunch at Tambo Yanayacu Lodge located on the Falcon Creek (38 Miles NE of Iquitos).
Return to the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge.

The shaman will be at your disposal before dinner for any concern that you may have and to see that you are ready for the rites. He will instill your confidence and arouse the courage you will need when you are in the trance in which you will find the solutions to overcome your worries. If the Master Shaman finds that someone is not in condition for the “take”, he will let him/her know before the ceremony.

It is highly recommended that those who are going to participate in the “take”, do not or frugally eat dinner. 
It is not necessary that all participants drink the “ayahuasca”. They just might wish a “flowering bath” or a “cleansing” or just simply watch, anyway it will be best if the meals they eat be modest to keep in mind the spiritual sense of the ceremony.

The “Ayahuasca Take” Ceremony

All the participants meet in the Master Shaman’s “tambo” where the ceremony begins preparing the magic esoteric circle in which 2 areas are appointed, one for white magic (right side) and the other for black magic (left side). A great number of fragrances and esoteric utensils are used, among these: the “shakapa” or sweeper, the “mapacho” or cigar and the “carmalonga” or protective potion also known as “arkana”.

The effects of the “ayahuasca take” on the Master Shaman and the participants become evident ten minutes after drank approximately.  Purging is one of the purposes of the ceremony and that is why nausea is common. This way, both body and spirit are cleansed and so harm and evil are expelled giving room to a better health.

The Master Shaman calls upon God with intensity through chants, prayers and  “ícaros” (cigar smoke blows); hallucination begins at this stage, which is the time when the material and spiritual world connect and when clues will be provided to find the answers to make life more profitable. 

It is important to point out that there will be assitance in the “tambo” to help “ayahuasqueros” (“ayahuasca takers”) when the effects of the take appear.
The ceremony will finísh around midnight, and then the participants will return to the lodge to sleep.
Master Shaman suggests to those that take “ayahuasca” to restrain from alcohol or sex for at least 4 days.



The Magic Cleansing

At the first morning hours, the Master Shaman prepares the “cleansing bath” with fragrant plants that will bring perfect harmony upon the participants. This “cleansing” takes place before breakfast in an appointed place on the Sinchicuy Creek near the lodge.

Breakfast, canoe ride and hike to see the development of sustained economy projects in the Nuevo Peru Community. If you prefer you can stay in the lodge and rest. Lunch.

In the afternoon an esoteric session will be held in which Master Shaman will reveal the meaning of last evening hallucinations. Each participant confidential and separately will explain to him the things that saw and heard under the effects of the “take”. They will also tell the “Master Shaman”, what was the main interest that brought them to seek answers through the “ayahuasca”. 

Shaman always has and answer and an explanation to guide you to best achievements in life. Dinner. Overnight.




Return to Iquitos by boat on the Amazon River.
At a convenient time, transfer to the airport or your hotel.



* The order of some activities may vary due to operational or weather conditions.

(B) Breakfast
(L) Lunch
(D) Dinner


  • Transfer to the airport / Lodge / airport
  • 03 nights in the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge
  • All meals included at Lodge
  • Excurtions like detail on the program
  • Guide in English or Spanish
  • Shamanic sessions like detail in the program

Not includes

  • Flight tickets
  • Airport taxes
  • Tips
  • Laundry
  • Drinks at the bar

What to bring

  • Light cotton trousers and long-sleeve shirts
  • Light Bermudas o shorts
  • Cotton short-sleeve polo or T-shirts
  • Sun screen lotion
  • Cap or hat
  • Photo or movie camera with rechargeable battery
  • Mosquito repellent lotion (OFF!)
  • Light water-proof poncho or rain jacket
  • Snickers or hiking boots
  • Rubber boots for rainy condition walking
  • Personal flashlight
  • Swimming outfit
  • Binoculars are optional


Prices in US American Dollas per person


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