Jungle Pongos Rafting

Rafting Adventure in The Jungle Pongos of Marañon

Launches after end of MainGC trips: rendezvous in Bagua
Join our raft/kayak expedition as we paddle the Upper Amazon (Río Marañon) from the dry Cumba Valley into lush jungle canyon with numerous pongos (jungle rapids in canyon) and Awajún tribal communities.


Río Marañon is the parent stream or "mainstem" source of the Amazon, and therefore is the Upper Amazon. The Jungle Pongos section follows the journey started on the Grand Canyon Amazon section, passing through more canyon that enters lush jungle. A SierraRios expedition in 2012 learned of plans for three mega hydroelectric dams that are due to flood most of this section of river and dislocate thousands. The next expeditions are intended to increase appreciation of the river and generate more awareness to help stop the dams. Voice your opinion in the SAVE RIO MARANON campaign. Sign a petition! Watch a film. Make the issue known! Support the cause with a donation! We may have a representative from International Rivers with us. The trip is open to everyone: rafters, kayakers, IKers, and passengers. No prior whitewater experience is necessary on a raft.

Our journey will start at 400 m (1320 ft) elevation in the Bagua Valley near Corral Quemado. In the first ~6 days we progress to Imacita through the majority of the difficult jungle pongo rapids. Some expeditions will continue another 6 days through the final Andean gorge at the Pongo de Manseriche and end at Sarameriza. On this journey you will meet Awajún villagers who rarely see tourists. Help them protect their villages by learning more about their way of life, their struggles, and publicizing the menace they face with mega-dam projects that will flood their villages.

Private groups are welcome to schedule a trip - either as a fully guided trip or a self-guided trip. Help us save the river and the Awajún communities!


Launches generally may be at the end of Grand Canyon Amazon trips:

DAY 1:

Rendezvous Corral Quemado. Meet rafts and trip leader
Protected Huanguera camp; class I; ~10 km

DAY 2:

Enter jungle pongos. Rentema
Amojado. Camp Amojado.
Play wave; class III; 43 km

DAY 3:

Amojado. El Muyo; enter Awajún areas.
Tutumberos; camp at Nahém; class III; 28 km

DAY 4:

Visit Nahém; big pongos: Cedro, Shaém, Mayasi(Sasa)
Camp Durucachi; class III-IV; 14 km

DAY 5:

Layover; beautiful beach camp in the jungle.
Possible hike with Awajún guide to cave system; 0 km

DAY 6:

Pass Yupicusa (potential stop); arrive Imacita
Possible end and take-out; class II; ~30 km

DAY 7:

Continue downstream through more Awajún areas
Numpatkaim; class I-II; ~40 km

DAY 8:

Pass Chipe & Cenepa confluence
Camp by Pongo de Huaracayo; class I-II; ~40 km

DAY 9:

Arrive Santa Maria de Nieva
Night in hotel; ~40 km

DAY 10:

Visit Ideal
Arrive to Manseriche huge beach camp; class I-II; ~45 km

DAY 11:

Cave hike; pass Pongo de Manseriche (possible II-III)
Visit San Borja; class I-III; ~20 km

DAY 12:

Flat wide Amazonian jungle paddle
Arrive Sarameriza; hotel.

DAY 13:

Derig; 8 hr ride back to Bagua


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