Choquequirao is for the greater part constructed during the reign of Inca Pachacuti and is considerated as hiding-place of the last decade of the Incas, commanded by Inca Pachacuti and his children in the year of 1535.

Probably Choquequirao was used as a control post for the acces to Vilcabamba and had an important role in controlling the traffic between la Selva Amazónica and Cusco.


First day: Cusco - Cachora – Chiquisca (3350 – 2800 – 1930m)

We leave Cusco at 5:30. We are heading for the village of Cachora. Here we will meet the horsemen and the porters who will help us carrying the camping material during our trip. We ascend the pass of Capuliyoc (2800m). During this climb we will have an incredible view at the snow-covered Padreyoc and the depth of the canyon of Apurímac. After that we will descend to Chiquisca (1930m), where we will stay for the night.

Hiking time: 7 hours
Climate: warm with mosquitoes

Second day: Chiquisca – Playa Rosalina - Marampata – Choquequirao (1930 – 1550 – 2850 – 3033m)

After our breakfast, we will descend to la Playa Rosalína (1500m). Here we will prepare for the climb to the community of Marampata (2850m). After that we continue to the archeological site of Choquequirao, where we will notice its big mystery among the fabulous darkness; with the possibility to observe the flight of the Cóndor. At 25 minutes from the archeological site of Choquequirao (3033m), is our camping site located.

Hiking time: 7 hours
Climate: warm and cold

3th day: Choquequirao

Among the spectacular dawn, we will do the whole visit of Choquequirao. Choquequirao is only restored for 30%. The other part is a secret hidden in the vegetation. After our visit, you have sufficient time to discover on your own Choquequirao and its secrets. We will spend the night at the same place in Choquequirao.

Hiking time: 6 hours
Climate: warm with mosquitoes

4th day: Choquequirao – Marampata – Playa Rosalina - Chiquisca (3033 – 2850 – 1550 - 3350m)

After our breakfast, we will return to Marampata (2850m), place where we will pass before we go to la Playa (1550m), and we continue to our camp site Chiquisca (1930m).

Hiking time: 6 hours
Climate: warm with mosquitoes

5th day: Chiquisca – Capuliyoc - Cachora - Cusco (1930 – 2850 – 2800 - 3350m)

During the morning, we will do a climb to Capuliyok (2850m). Here we will have a short break while observing the canyon of Apurímac and this break will be also ideal for observing the Cóndor. When we leave from the pass of Capuliyok, the level of the route is not that difficult, you can enjoy the sight of the mountains which belongs to the oldest of the range. In the village of Cachora, there will be waiting a vehicle to take us back to Cusco.


  • Professional English/Spanish Speaking guide
  • Private Bus in and out to the beginning of the trail (Cusco-Cachora,)
  • Round-trip Transfers
  • Doublés Occupancy Tents
  • Camping Equipment: Bathroom tent, kitchen tent, dining tent, stools, tables and comfortable mattresses
  • Cook
  • Muleteer
  • Horses and Mules to carry our equipment
  • Coffee breaks in The afternoons
  • All meals during The Trek
  • First aid kit/Oxygen


We recommended to bring

  • Personal Sleeping Bag (If you don’t have, please, see our camping equipment Web)
  • Back pack and Daypack
  • Hiking shoes or boots
  • Water bottle, flashlight, hat, sun block, sunglasses
  • Warm/Thermal clothes, Raincoat
  • Chocolates, candies or other snacks
  • Camera + Film, Binocular



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