Peru possesses excellent locations for trout fishing; the cold waters of the Andes provide the perfect habitat for the growth of trout. In our trips, we will enjoy the fishing of Rainbow trout, this species which lives in rivers and lakes of the high Peruvian Andes is characterized by being of big fight and fishermen require all their knowledge and skills to catch them, becoming a whole trophy for any expert or beginner angler.
Fishing in the Andes is an unforgettable experience that you will enjoy, either Fly fishing or spinning, accompanied by our fishing guides who love this beautiful activity and experienced in both modalities. We have all the equipment: Rods, reels, lines, leaders, nets, 4WD vehicles, fishing equipment, etc.
In the morning we will start casting with small nymphs and emerges in the clear waters of the lake and from noon streamers are very appetizing like black or brown wooly buggers as well as dry flies like the Royal wolf, and the Stone flies. Also very colorful spoons #. 2 or 3 with Spinning. Your fishing guide will give you all the instructions and suggestions for fishing and safety; and of course they are happy to give beginners brief fishing lessons.


At 05:30 Hrs: Depart from the hotel towards the upper valley of Colca. (70% asphalted road) through the National reserve of Aguada Blanca, see wild Vicuñas, some llamas and alpacas, (Maximum altitude on route: 16,000 Ft.) then descend towards the river and go up the road until the lake.
Beautiful landscape of the High Andes, “The Colca window”, Interesting big rock formations in Callalli, as well as some Andean villages.
08:30 Hrs. Approx. Arrive in the lake at 14,800 ft. Scout the place, set up our fishing gear and prepare for a full day fishing for Rainbow trout from boats or from the shore, Spinning and Fly fishing.
15:00 / 15:30 Hrs. Return to Arequipa, Arriving approx. at 18:30 Hrs.


  • Private car and service.
  • Fishing guide with knowledge of Fly Fishing and Spinning
  • Rowboats, Fees: Lake, fishing and rower.
  • A good picnic Lunch with hot and cold beverages.
  • Fishing from the shore or from boats (life vests).
  • Fishing gear or spinning and fly fishing: Rods, feels, lines, leaders, spoons, etc.
  • Permanent assistance, First aid kit, radios, etc.

Does not include
  • Colca (Park) : Tourist ticket


Prices in US Dollars


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