Madidi National Park

Visit The Madidi National Park

One of the most wonderful regions in Bolivia.

The Madidi National Park distinguished by its exceptional biological richness and variety of ecosystems being home to different species of plants, species of vertebrates, tropical birds and endemic plants, is considered one of the most biologically rich protected area on earth.


Pre-Tour: La Paz – Rurrenabaque

50 minute flight from La Paz to Rurrenabaque, which is a great chance to pass over the panoramic Andes Mountains and Amazon. In Rurrenabaque you will be greeted by our staff and then be transferred by bus to the Chalalan office. This is where you will need to fill out the forms in order to enter the Madidi National Park. This day you´ll have the afternoon free in Rurrenabaque and you´ll stay in the hotel of your choice.

Day 1: Rurrenabaque – Chalalán Ecolodge

Your guide will meet you at your hotel and then you´ll go to the River Beni, boarding your boat to go to the Chalalan Ecolodge. Our motor boats are fully equipped with comfortable seats and have all of the necessary safety equipment such as life vests. This trip is a great way to see the Bala Canyon around the River Beni. The access point to the Madidi National Park is by going up the River Tuichi. During the trip you´ll also have the chance to see various animals (it´s recommendable to take binoculars). This trip will take roughly 5 ½ hours in the wet season and 6 hours in the dry. We will eat a packed snack box at the midway point. We will arrive to the port of Chalalan and then have a 25 minute walk to get to the Ecolodge. There you will be greeted with a welcome snack and our staff will give you a hand with luggage. Now it´s time to settle in to your abode and relax.
We will then have a welcome lunch in the Ecolodge, afterwards having the chance to relax in as swinging hammock or go for a drop in Lake Chalalan.

Later on we´ll take a short walk along one of the theme paths to learn about medicinal plants. After that back in the lodge you have the choice of doing a range of activities,
• Handicrafts
• Canoe Trip
• Watch educational videos about the Madidi National Park.

Dinner at the ecolodge. After dinner we will go for a short walk along either the Silbador or Paraba paths to see amphibians, reptiles, insects, rodents, nocturnal monkeys, birds and tarantulas. It´s an awesome chance to feel immersed and hear the sounds of the jungle alive at night.

Day 2: Chalalán Ecolodge – Madidi National Park

Buffet Breakfast- time depends on your interests so talk with your guide. For example breakfast is recommended at 5.30am for birdwatchers.
In the morning we´ll take a walk along the Tapacare path or something similar. Here you´ll learn about the jungle and the wildlife which surrounds you. Our optional themes are: Natural Interpretation of the forest, ecological processes, hardwood trees, animal behavior, history and bird and mammal spotting. We´ll then return to the lodge for a snack.

We have lunch at the Ecolodge. Afterwards you´ll have time to have a swim or relax in a hammock, while coordinating optional activities with your guide. Later we can go for a short walk along the Paraba Path to a viewing point where you can see the beautiful sight of Lake Chalalan, the nearby mountains and the Madidi rainforest. Your guide will talk about building traditions and sustainable use of the natural resources found in the forest.
In the evening we´ll take a canoe trip along the shore of Lake Chalalan where you´ll be able to see a stunning sunset and look for monkeys, insects, bats and birds. Afterwards we return to the ecolodge for a little pre-dinner snack.
Dinner at the ecolodge, followed by a short walk along either the Silbador or Paraba path.

Day 3: Chalalán Ecolodge – Madidi National Park

Buffet Breakfast- time depends on your interests so talk with your guide. For example breakfast is recommended at 5.30am for birdwatchers.
Today we have a 5 hour walk along the Penena, Huaso and Silbador paths to reach the Penene clay lick. It´s a special area where animals come to feed on the mud which is rich in minerals. Here will be a good chance for your guide to talk more about the forest and animal behavior. We will have a packed lunch and snack and later return in boat to the Tuichi River, where it is a short walk along the Jaguar Path to reach the lodge.

*Alternate itinerary Optional Activity Day, Lake Santa Rosa. This trip is a one way hike with return in boat to go to and from the Santa Rosa lake. This hike takes roughly 4 and a half hours through pristine rainforest, with a high amount of forest dwelling animals. Along this trail you´ll be able to see a ´clay lick,´.We will have a packed lunch to ear on the shores of the Santa Rosa lake, one of the wildest and most beautiful landscapes of this region. We will have a canoe trip to do a little bit of piranha fishing, where it is also ideal to see macaws and watch monkeys. The motor boat trip back to the lodge takes approximately 25 minutes.
Later, we will return to the Ecolodge for a snack, and possible swim in Lake Chalalan. Dinner in the Ecolodge.

After dinner at night we´ll have a short activity, a night trip in canoe to see amphibians, nocturnal animals, fish-eating bats and caimans, which due to their glowing red eyes are easily spotted in the river

Day 4: Chalalán Ecolodge – Rurrenabaque – La Paz

Buffet Breakfast- time depends on your interests so talk with your guide. For example breakfast is recommended at 5.30am for birdwatchers.
We will have a long or short wall (based on your preference) to the Raya Mayu River or the Eslabon River. The walk had a little bit of everything: animal watching, ecological processes, primary forest and the chance to fish for Pirinhas in the river. The paths are relatively easy so can be done by all visitors with ease. There is also ample opportunity of seeing monleys, tapirs, wild boar and maybe you´ll even catch a glimpse of the elusive jaguar.

We´ll head back to the lodge for a lunch and the chance to relax of go for a swim in Lake Chalalan. In the afternoon we´ll watch a video about the nearby community of Uchupiamonas, and learn about their histoy, territory, traditions and lifestyle. We may even have the chance to make some handicrafts such as forest seed rings and necklaces, of course with a little help! Dinner at the ecolodge.

Day 5:

Buffet breakfast at the lodge, then a short walk to the Tuichi River to take our boat.
We will have a roughly 3 hour boat trip to the community of San Jose de Uchupiamonas. Once we arrive at their port, there will be a 30 minute walk to reach the community itself. Upon arrival we will be welcomed by a local band, traditional drink and by an authorative figure of the community.

We will have lunch in the community. After lunch we can take a walk to explore to community and watch how the artisans make their local handicrafts (wood carvings, basket work, recycled paper cards, textiles and cotton fabrics). We´ll visit traditional crops and a local school.
Later we have a short walk back to the Tuichi River to take the boat back to the lodge. Once we arrive to the Chalalan port it will be a short walk to the ecolodge. Dinner is a traditional ´dunucuabi´, which is a catfish wrapped in leaves. Or it may be Fish a la ´Tacuara´, fish inside bamboo from the Amazon. *Dinner depends on the fish´s availability.

Day 6:

Buffet breakfast followed by a short wildlife spotting walk.
Early lunch at 11am
You´ll have your last walk to the Tiuchi River to take the boat back to Rurrenabaque. The return, going down stream will only be about 3 hours. This will be your last chance to appreciate the amazing Amazon and spot animals, so be alert!
You´ll arrive to the city of Rurrenabaque and then be transferred to the airport to make your return to La Paz.

* Please note activities and times are subject to change based on time of year, weather or flight delays.


Prices in US American Dollas per person



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