Iguazu Falls

Enjoy this extreme experience!

South America is one of beautiful continents as well very rich in cultural and natural, attractions where you can find there beautiful places like Patagonia in the South of ArgentinaIguazu falls one of the largest in the world, as well as the wonder of the modern world Machu Picchu one of the Inca cities of great importance throughout the world as well as have an experience full of energy in the city of the Incas one of the oldest cities in South America. You can know it in 22 days and have the best experience of your life.



Once Upon our arrival to the city of Buenos Aires, our staff will be waiting, depending on the time of your arrival, we will visit the city of Buenos Aires in the old and cultural part of the city of Buenos Aires modern neighborhood famous as the Boca and the Recoleta district, where we will have the chance to know the most parts of Buenos Aires.


After breakfast Transfer from the Hotel to the airport on time for the flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, this flight takes around 3 Hrs approx. once our arrival to Ushuaia our staff will be waiting for you to take you to the chosen hotel, in the afternoon we can make a journey by catamaran by the Beagle Channel, where you'll see many species of marine birds as well as terrestrial mammals typical of this area We can see the mountains of the Martial and its glaciers, as well as part of the vessel Cervantes I castaway in 1930… in the afternoon return to the Hotel.


After breakfast we will go in a walk, where we  will combine a trekking and a canoeing tour by the National Park Tierra del Fuego, the trails will take us to the most beautiful places of the park where we will observe much wildlife, Giants trees similar to those seen in the film the Lord of the Rings, also we will observe many birds which are inhabit in these forests, after this walk will pass in our adventure to the sea, where in our well equipped canoes we will sail by the Beagle Channel, will visit the Island of the sea lions and the Mesa Redonda island where we will see the Imperial cormorants, we will  landed on this island where we will have a nice time to share a coffee with a beautiful view as the end of the afternoon. Our return to Ushuaia will be around 06:00 Pm.


We will begin collecting our customers from their hotels in our bus that runs along the northern sector of the island, passing through areas of Turbas. Running along the valleys of the Carbajal Huskies, Tierra Mayor and the cotorras covering about 75 kmts.

After that it crosses the Andes Cordillera by Paso Garibaldi, from where you will have  a panoramic view of the Lakes Escondido and Fagnano.
From there begins the descent towards Lake Escondido, on foot if you want (45 minutes) or bus showing the Hostería Petrel (currently closed).

Continues the journey through the old route until the paved part until the board of the Lake Fagnano, stopping at a viewpoint. Begins the return to the city and on the road we will have a lunch in one of the winter refuges. This lunch is not included in the price of the excursion and usually offers a menu of fuegian lamb.

This tour takes 6 hours.


After our delicious breakfast, our staff will take you to the airport where we will take the flight to el Calafate it will take 01:30 Min. flying approximately. Once Upon our arrival in el Calafate our staff will be waiting for you to take you to the Hotel, where you can enjoy the evening in this beautiful town with breathtaking views that this place has incomparable.


After our breakfast we will leave in our full day tour visiting the Glacial Perito Moreno and the nautical Safaris, our visit to Glacial Perito Moreno will be one of the most amazing experiences in the world, because it was declared a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO, we will go by the channels that are very near of the walls and the icebergs,  where we will see the spectacular ice breaking that are converted into small icebergs, this experience will be the best of your life and we are sure that you will remember this amazing part of the tour for long time, return to the city of el Calafate


After breakfast we will go for our day third in a full day tour, making navigation between glaciers and visiting the Lago Argentino we will take our catamaran at the port of Punta Banderas to begin our adventure passing between the icebergs and the Upsala glacier, then arriving at the Bonelli Bay, where our boat will be stop and we will have the chance to make a hike of 3 Hrs and at a of 800 Mrs.hight Through an incredible Patagonian forest as well as observing glaciers Bonelli, Bolados Agassiz and Herin, on our road to return to the Hotel we will see the Devil's throat, which is a very beautiful natural spectacle, this day will be the most memorable as you may know one confines of the universe, and the Patagonia is one of them.


This day we will go through the Patagonian steppe from the North to the South we will arrive to the border line with Chile where we will see Cancha Carreras (2.5 hours of trip), where will begin the explore of the beautiful South of the Chilean Patagonia until entering the national Park of Torres del Paine where we will arrive around 10:30 pm.
On board in our vehicles we will visit the most important points of the  National Park Torres del Paine, in our walk we will be allow to access to the panoramic viewpoints of the most important natural attractions of the Park.

Once in the way again, and after making stops in various viewpoints like (swans, Mirador Nordenskjold Superior lagoon), we will arrive at the Salto Grande, where is a hike to the viewpoint of the Cuernos del Paine on the board of the Nordenskjold Lake, this hike will be guided and takes  about 3 hours in total.

After this walk, we will be still going in the vehicle until a new viewpoint, this time in the vicinity of the Pehoe Lake, from will be possible to have one of the views of the most famous National Park, with the horns and the French Valley framed by Lakes Pehoe and Nordenskjold, where we will see the mount Paine Grande and Almirante Nieto. Finally returns to the village of El Calafate arriving at night.

Accommodation at El Calafate


After our breakfast our staff will pick you up to the airport take the flight back to Buenos Aires our flight should take about 4 Hrs Arriving Buenos Aires our staff  will pick up to the Hotel where you will have a restful break to recover the energy and introduce the visit to Iguazu falls

Accommodation in Buenos Aires


After breakfast our staff will pick you up in order to go to airport to take the domestic flight to Iguazu falls which has duration of 1 to 45 Min. Upon our arrival our staff will be waiting you to take you to the Hotel where you will have a rest and be ready to make the first visit to the most impressive falls of water in the world.

02:00 Pm approx. Our guide will pick you up and take you to the half day tour in the Brazilian side of the falls, which was declared a cultural patrimony humanity by UNESCO since it has a very important South American genetic reserve, in this walk we see much variety of Fauna and always we will be accompanied by the roar of the 4 falls which are heard from many miles away, the view from this place is incredible, the gateways are right in front of the falls, in the afternoon we will bring you back to the Hotel

Accommodation in Iguazu

Day 11: IGUAZÚ

After our breakfast we will go for a tour of full day to the Iguazu falls on the  Argentinean side, going by many bridges within the National Park of Iguazu we will see around 200 waterfalls all of them are impressive we will visit the Green circuit and the superior and inferior path as well the same as the throat of the devil, and its combination with ecological train, time for lunch, by the afternoon we will have the chance to do a bit of adventure, navigating in our motor boat sailing through the falls, there are some times where we we'll enter into the waterfalls where we  have a unique experience. In the afternoon return to our Hotel in Iguazu

Accommodation in Iguazu

Day 12: IGUAZÚ

We will rest around noon at the Hotel, for you also enjoy the beautiful environments which has Iguazú, in the afternoon we will go on a tour of half-day, it will be in the Argentina jungle including activities such as Trekking, Wet Rappelling, climbing, etc. Each of these activities is oriented to tourism, adventure and eco-tourism for people of all ages, a unique and fun experience in Iguazu Jungle

Accommodation in Iguazu

Day 13: IGUAZÚ

After breakfast, our staff will go to pick you up in order to take a full day tour to the ruins of San Ignacio and the Wanda mines.

The tour will go for the national route Nº 12, where you can enjoy the landscape of the region, passing through small towns, villages and extensive plantations of tea and yerba mate that constitute the main economic activity in the region, after that we will arrive to the  magnificent Jesuit ruins.

In the route you will also visit the mines of precious stones in the city of Wanda. Which are a unique attraction, they have the particularity of being open and is easy to see then in the Paraná River, with samples of agate, quartz, Crystal rock, amethyst and topa, our return will be at 06:00 Pm to Iguazu

Accommodation in Iguazu


This day you will have a full day to walk and visit the Attractions of this incredible place, you can also join the falls from the Argentinean side and the Brazilian side and explore all the wonders that this place has, as well as also enjoy the hotel and beautiful view of it.

Accommodation in Iguazu


After our breakfast our staff will pick you up to the airport and take the return flight to Buenos Aires where you will have a great and repaired break to enjoy the amazing activities that has the Argentinean capital the following day


After breakfast we will bring you to the airport in order to take the flight to Lima, once upon there our staff will be waiting you for the transfer to the Hotel, if you have time during the day you can enjoy a dinner with all the succulent Peruvian food that will delight you from beginning to end.

Day 17: LIMA – CUSCO

After breakfast we will pick you up from the Hotel for your flight to Cusco which takes around 1-20 min. Upon arrival to the Imperial City, our staff will be waiting for you in order to give you a warm welcome and take you to the hotel, we recommend rest this day to acclimatize to the 3350 M height (11,000 Ft)

Day 18: CUSCO

Rest in the morning, in your Hotel  later in the afternoon we will pick you upon a tour  to know the city of the Incas, starting at the Temple of the Sun the most important of the Empire, then we will visit the Basilica Cathedral of Cusco with all the arts and  its’ invaluable paintings, then our guide will take you to the site of Sacsayhuaman and its giant rocks, as well as the ceremonial site of Qenqo the place of control Pucapucara and Tambomachay sacred fountains, return to Cusco dinner with a typical show in a nice restaurant.


After our breakfast, we will pick you up from your hotel to go in a full day tour by the Sacred Valley, where we will visit Pisaq and its imposing agricultural platforms which served to acclimatize plants and create new species of tubers in the Incas' time, then we will have a delicious buffet lunch in Urubamba where we can enjoy Andean food as well as mixes that Peru has with international food, in the afternoon we will visit the archaeological site of Ollantaytambo the last Inca city that still retains its design and its structure and left our ancients , we will have the chance to spend the night in this Inca city in a nice hotel

Day 20: SACRED VALLEY – Machu picchu

After breakfast we will pick you up for your transfer to the train station where we will take our train to Aguas Calientes once here we will have an accommodation and enjoy the beautiful and warm climate of the Cusqueñan forest, (optional: visit the Butterfly House where you can discover more than 200 varieties of butterflies) afternoon we can visit the hot springs and have an evening of relax and get ready for our visit to the wonder of the world


Early in the morning we will take the bus of ascent to the Inca city of Machu Picchu one of the wonders of the world we can walk through the streets and feel the same sense that had the Incas of the Empire in their time  you will have this sense in its’ different venues and places of religious ceremonies, the guide will give an introduction to all the places you visit, if you want to, you can access the imposing mountain of the Waynapicchu where we can have an incredible view of the mountains that surround this Inca City which were imitated in its construction, in the afternoon we will take the bus return to Aguas Calientes to take our train back to Cusco

Day 22: CUSCO

We can enjoy this day in the city walking by the streets and go for shopping, Cusco is one of the best places to buy and get the alpaca wool and the best quality in blanquettes and in sweaters, also many of the souvenirs you want

Day 23: CUSCO – LIMA

According to your flight we will pick you up from the Hotel to the airport in order to take the flight back to Lima where you will be ready to take the flight back home, and have some days in South America.


  • Flights Buenos Aires – Ushuaia – El Calafate – Buenos Aires – Iguazú – Buenos Aires

  • 10 Hotel nights in a Hotel De Las Luces 3 stars with breakfast included in a Single Standard Room in Buenos Aires.
  • Buenos Aires city tour.
  • Delta & Tigre tour.
  • Gaucho’s party, Estancia Tour.
  • Dinner and Tango show in Complejo Tango.
  • All the transfer
  • English speaking tourist guide.
  • Taxes.
  • Quality in Services

  • All the transfers
  • 3 Hotel nights at Hotel Terrazas del Beagle (3 Stars) with Breakfast included in Ushuaia, in a Single Standard Room.
  • City tour Ushuaia.
  • Full day tour to the Tierra del Fuego National Park with trekking and canoe ride.
  • Half day boat trip in the Beagle Channel.(Fee port + Transfers included)
  • English speaking tourist guide.
  • Taxes.
  • Quality in Services

  • All the transfers
  • 3 Hotel nights in a Hostería Meulén (3 stars) with breakfast included in El Calafate, in a Single Standard Room. Hostería Meulén
  • Full day tour Pedrito Moreno Glaciar and Nautical Safari.
  • Full day tour "All glaciers" boat trip.
  • English speaking tourist guide.
  • Taxes.
  • Quality in Services

  • Transfers in Airport – Hotel in El Calafate.
  • Transfer Out Hotel in El Calafate – Airport
  • 2 Hotel nights in a Hotel Saint George 4 stars with breakfast included in a Standard room in Puerto Iguazú
  • Full day tour to the Argentine side of the waterfalls with Great adventure Boat tour included.
  • Iguazú Forest
  • English speaking tourist guide.
  • Taxes.
  • Quality in Services

  • Entrance fee to National Parks.
  • Boarding fee at Ushuais Airport


Prices in US American Dollas per person


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