Sacred Journey Peru

Peru Sacred Journey with fellow spirit-centered travelers to journey to the majestic land of the ancient Inca, the most powerful energy center on the planet today!
Experience the magic and mystery of the rich legacy of rituals healing practices and esoteric information of the ancient Peru Incas Culture.
Connect with the apus (sacred mountains) and Pachamama (the Mother Earth). Balance your male and female energies, and further open your heart...for personal, as well as planetary healing.

Visit and Experience

  • Charming and picturesque Cusco
  • The lush and verdant Sacred Valley of the Incas
  • Enigmatic and mysterious Machu Picchu, the Crown Jewel of the Andes
  • Connect with Apu Putucusi while at Machu Picchu
  • Serene and nurturing Lake Titicaca, the MamaCocha
  • Amantani Island, including visits with local families

This journey will offer you visually stimulating and profoundly nurturing experiences that will rejuvenate restore and heal your Body, Mind and Spirit!.

Love and Light!



Depart Orlando and Miami for Lima on your overnight flight.

DAY 2 : PUNO (B/D)

Upon arrival flight to Lima, you will be assisted and connect with your flight to Juliaca. On Arrival, transfer to Puno and your overnight including time to get used to the altitude. Dinner & Overnight in a Hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel. Then we travel southeast along the Titicaca Lake shore to a pre-Inca site called Amaru Muru, explore this awesome which is believed by some to be an inter-dimensional gateway and where the seeds of all existence originated. We will take time here to explore the site and surrounding landscape.

On our way back to Puno, we visit Chu-cuito, a place of the Fertility Temple, where we find a rectangular compound of phallic-shaped stones. Here we see the symbol of fertility carved in stone and understand that everything is vibrating in two polarities-male and female, Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Cosmos, birth and death. Overnight and dinner in a Hotel .


Pick up is ready at your hotel to take you to the port of Puno where a vessel will sail into Titicaca towards the floating islands of the Uros. The Uros are an ancient culture that inhabit a series of artificial islands built on the basis of reeds growing in the lake itself. These are constructed by weaving reed in the areas where it grows thicker and thus forming a natural layer.

On it they build their houses and cook outdoors in order to prevent fires. After a tour of an hour and a half, you will continue your tour to the island of Taquile. This is unlike the other islands in the lake speaking Aymara, Quechua speaking. It was part of the Inca empire and you can still see remnants of that culture in its constructions.

However, the Spaniards also arrived here, and stripped them of their outfits forcing them to wear traditional dresses of peasants. You will receive a brief explanation about the island and witness a cultural activity. After lunch, you will return to Puno Overnight and dinner in a Hotel.


In the morning we’ll head to the tourist bus station, to take our bus to Cusco, we’ll spend all day travelling and visiting the most important places on the road, arriving Cusco at 5pm, once in Cusco, dinner and overnight in a Hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel. After a leisurely breakfast we’ll board a private bus and venture out into the streets of Cusco.

Our first stop will be the Qoricancha, the Inca Temple of the Sun, where we explore and examine the significance in Incan cosmology of the various temples contained within it - the temples to the rainbow, the lightning, the stars, Venus, the moon, and the sun. Then go out of Cusco into the surrounding hills to the site of Tambo Machay.

Our next stop will be Sacsayhuaman, the Temple of the Lightning. Here the shaman will perform a ceremony of offerings to the Pachamama (Mother Earth). After exploring the ruins with our guide you’ll return to Cusco. Free time in the afternoon. Dinner on your own. Overnight in a Hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast, leave Cusco and head northwest and down into the Sacred Valley of the Incas to the small pueblo of Pisac. In the marketplace we’ll see colorful tapestries and clothing, beautiful jewelry and much more.

Our senses will be delighted by the sights of these beautiful and varied handicrafts. Of course you’ll have time to shop for your perfect purchases! After a light lunch drive up into the surrounding mountains to the site of Pisac, dedicated to the Pachamama (the Earth Mother). In the Temple of the Condor we’ll experience the powerful energies of the condor, guardian of the Upper World. In the Temple of the Sun we’ll have time for private meditation to help us connect more fully with the powerful feminine energies of the Pachamama. In the later afternoon drive further into the Sacred Valley to Ollantaytambo, the Lemurian Heart Center site and the Sanctuary of the Wind.

During our visit to the site we’ll see the male altar with its gigantic stones, the largest in the entire Valley. Lunch (buffet style).
Overnight and dinner in a Hotel


Breakfast at the hotel you will have a free day to enjoy the hotel's areas. Lunch and dinner on your own. Overnight in a Hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel A short ride to the rail station Ollantaytambo, and to board the morning autovagon and venture deep into the mountains to hidden and mysterious Machu Picchu - the 8th Wonder of the World and Crown Jewel of the Andes! You’ll get off the train in Aguas Calientes, the pueblo at the base of the mountain. After a brief check-in at our hotel, you’ll board a bus for the half-hour ride up several switchbacks to the top of the mountain.

We are finally here - among the sacred apus and the clouds - on top of the world and away from civilization. The ancient and enduring energies of transformation welcome us to let go of our worldly concerns and turn deeper within. – First we enjoy a buffet lunch on the terrace of the hotel. This followed by an afternoon where our guide will lead the group to all the important power spots in the citadel - the Temples of the Sun and the Moon, the Temple of the Three Windows, the Main Plaza, the Hitching Post of the Sun, the Temple of the Condor, the Pachamama Rock, and more.

In the late afternoon return to Aguas Calientes for a relaxing evening and dinner. Overnight and dinner in a Hotel..


After breakfast, you have an optional opportunity to return to Machu Picchu and visit any of the attractions of the citadel. Visit the Intipunku, which in Castilian means "Sun Gate" and is the last stop before entering Machu Picchu if you follow the Inca trail from Ollantaytambo. It was kind of a checkpoint control and the sun rises every day through this door if viewed from the most important buildings of the citadel.

You may climb the Wayna Picchu (subject to space availability), which means "Young Mountain" as opposed to Machu Picchu. This ascent takes about an hour and its main attraction is the "Temple of the Moon", a complex of underground constructions likely to have been used by the elite. Finally you will be able to know the Inca Bridge, an incredible stone building that served as entrance or exit of the citadel and halfway has a gap of several meters above which were two large wooden tables. Thus the Incas could isolate the city by simply withdrawing them and thus remain protected.

After lunch, you will return to Aguas Calientes for an special “12/12/12” ceremoney.
Overnight and dinner in a Hotel.

DAY 11 : LIMA and Orlando (B)

At 5am, we’ll take the 1st train that is going from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo, after it, we’ll take our bus to the Cusco’s airport, once in the airport, we’ll take the flight to Lima and then connect with your overnight flight back to the States.

DAY 12 : To Orlando

Morning arrival in the USA


  • Roundtrip air transportation to Peru.
  • Flights within Peru.
  • Rail transportation to/from Machu Picchu.
  • Other tour-related transportation in Peru, including bus, rail, and boat.
  • Roundtrip airport/hotel transfers, including luggage handling
  • All site entrance fees
  • First-class hotels
  • Hotel service charges and taxes
  • Daily breakfast; many other meals, as per itinerary
  • Pre-paid Gratuities
  • Peruvian Tourist Visa upon your arrival in Lima

Special Added Features
  • Journey with fellow like-minded travelers
  • Spiritually guided throughout
  • Visit sacred sites in Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas
  • 2 days at Machu Picchu – with plenty of free time to explore on your own!
  • Visit to sacred sites at Lake Titicaca
  • Private ceremonies and rituals
  • Traditional Andean ceremonies, rituals, and healing sessions


Prices in American Dollars per Person


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