Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu (08 Days)

Choquequirao Machupicchu (Machu Picchu) trek is a great hike that is connecting the tow most important archeological sites in the Cusco Region,  Eric Adventures, will take you to this  Inca City of Choquequirao and after 5 days you will visit Machupicchu (Machu Picchu), in a wonderful trek where you will pass by many of the environment that Peru has , during this hike you will enjoy and admire the  Apurimac Valley near of (Choquequirao), and the fantastic  Urubamba Valley near of (Machupicchu),we will find many  altitude levels, landscapes and the variety of Plants and Animals even passing by the glaciers  in the Vilcabamba andean group of mountains, where we can have a great views to the Salcantay Mountain and the pumasillo mountain which is the most beautiful ones in Cusco.



At 4:00 am. We will pick our customers up from their hotels, then we will travel to Cachora (4 hours aprox., by our private van), once there(in Cachora), we will meet our muleteer and horses, there we will pack all our equipment in the horses, then we will start the hike, the first part will be flat until Capuliyoc where we can see the deep Apurimac Canyon and the glacier which is name is Padrayoc, after a  small explanation we will start going down to the canyon after 3 hrs of hike down we will get to our first camping site in Chikiska


Early in the morning, we will have breakfast, then, we will start walking this day the first part will be way down  until Playa Rosalina after that we will start our way uphill through a long and narrow trail, arriving Choquequirao around 4pm, then, We will visit the Archaeological site of Choquequirao with our guide.

The view of the canyon is spectacular; it is also possible to see Andean Condors soaring in the mountains. Campsite (3370 masl. Or 11,055 ft.).


This day we will begin walking uphill for a while until been at 3,300 masl. Or 10,890 Ft, then we will descend until White River (1900 masl. Or 6,270 Ft.) On the way we will pass by Pinchiunuyoj archaeological site.

There, we will observe different species of birds, different varieties of orquids, and local coca plantations (2,750 masl. Or 9075 Ft.), From Rio Blanco(White river), we will climb up to Maizal(3,000 masl. Or 9,900 Ft.) For about 3 hrs. Campsite.


This morning, we will start walking uphill passing by the impressive Inca mines called Minas Victoria. Almost on the top, we can appreciate original paved Inca trails. We will pass over (4,150 masl. Or 13,695 Ft.) and finally descend to our campsite in Yanama (3,800 masl. Or 12,540 Ft.).


After an early breakfast, we will start climbing slowly to our higher pass in the entire trail (4,670 masl. Or 15,410 Ft.), again the view will be amazing from here, we will be surrounded by snowcapped mountains: The Sacsarayoj mountain and the Padreyoj mountain. After a small stop we will start descending to the valley of Totora where we will have our lunch them we will go straight to our Campsite near of the little village in Totora at 3,630 masl. Or 11,979 Ft.


Today we will start getting down to the small valley which is name is Colpapampa and then we will fallow the river which is name is Santa Teresa, this day also we will se a lot of wildlife like wood pickers and lost of hummingbirds, after a nice hike along the Valley we will get to la Playa a small village where we can have the chance to have the camp site or to take the truck to Santa Teresa, where we can find some hot springs camping site 


If we start from La Playa This day, we will walk to our last uphill, until 2,810 masl. Or 9,273 Ft., to arrive there, we will take around 3 hours; from here we will have an excellent view of the lost Incas city of Machu Picchu. After a good rest, we will go down to the hydroelectric plant on the Urubamba River, from here, depending on the time, we will walk and/or take the train to Aguas Calientes, Night in a Hotel.

If we start from Santa Teresa we will start hiking by the river band where we can see lots of wildlife and have the chance to see 2 nice waterfalls along the trail, arriving to Hydroelectric power and after lunch we will continue hiking by the rail truck by three hours to Aguas Calientes where we will have  a nice accommodation


After breakfast we will take the bus to Machu Picchu (Machupicchu), there, we will have a guided tour for all the Archaeological Site, then We will have free time to be by our own in Machupicchu (Machu Picchu), maybe to climb the Wayna Picchu (Huaynapicchu). In the afternoon(At 4:00 pm.), we will take the train from Aguas Calientes back toCusco (Cuzco) arriving at 8 pm. Aprox.


  • Professional Speaking English Guide
  • Private Transportation until Cachora (The beginning of the Trail)
  • Cook
  • All meals during the trek until arriving in Aguas Calientes (vegetarian options available, except the 1st Breakfast )
  • Complete Camping Equipment (Double Occupancy tents, Dining Tent, Kitchen Tent, Toilet tent)
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Mattress
  • Horses, to carry all the equipment
  • Extra horses for the clients in case of emergency
  • Entrance Fees
  • All Transfers
  • Tourist Train ticket from Aguas Calientes to Cusco (Cuzco)
  • 1 Night in a 3* Hotel in Aguas Calientes breakfast included

We recommended to bring

  • Personal Sleeping Bag (If you don’t have, please, see our camping equipment Web)
  • Bottle of Water(our cook won’t give us water until lunch time)
  • Purification Tablets
  • Original passport in a plastic bag
  • Back pack and Daypack
  • Hiking shoes or boots
  • Raincoat or poncho
  • Water bottle, flashlight, hat, sun block, sunglasses
  • Warm clothes, Light clothes, 4 pairs of socks
  • Insect repellent
  • Tablets for the altitude Sickness(We can find it easy in the Cusco Pharmacies, we hardly recommended the Coramina)
  • 06 Extra pairs of Socks(In case those get wet, all time is important have our feet warm and dry enough)
  • Extra plastic bags, to maintain our equipment dry during the rain season
  • Chocolates, candies or other snacks
  • Photo Camera


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