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Down Hill in Coroico Bolivia

Bolivia may be one of the poorest countries in South America but its cultural wealth, the mind-blowing Andean landscapes, and the remnants of mysterious ancient civilizations make it the richest and most exciting destination for adventurous and independent travellers.


Total time required: 13 hours (return to La Paz), or 7 hours (stay overnight in Coroico).

Approximate riding time: 5 hours.

Approximate downhill 90%. (One section contains a few small uphills)

We begin the ride at wind-swept La Cumbre (4,700 masl. or 15,400 ft) where you will see fantastic views of a number of snow-covered peaks, including Huayna Potos (6,088 masl. or 19,973 ft). From there, we descend rapidly down a twisting road amongst mountain peaks, grazing llamas and alpacas, tiny villages and a drug check-post. We stop for refreshments and a rest along the way, all the better to give us time to take in the scenery: towering cliff faces, dramatic drops and ever greener vegetation.

After a snack we descend further, and after a brief undulating section of road, we enter the jungle itself and the most challenging section of the ride. This infamous narrow dirt road is cut precariously into the side of the mountain and descends 2,000m (6,500ft). With 1,000m+ (3,300 ft) sheer drop offs to our left and hulking rock overhangs and cascading waterfalls to our right, we ride through mist, low cloud and dust. With your positive attitude and our expert supervision you can safely enjoy some of South America's most dramatic and beautiful scenery as you hurtle down the road. (Besides, in our opinion, it's safer on this road riding a speedy bicycle, than being trapped inside a big bus.)

As we get near the end of the ride it gets progressively hotter and dustier. By the time you arrive at the bottom in Yolosa (1,100 masl. or 3,600 ft) you will feel tired, hot, dirty and exhilarated. From Yolosa we catch a 7km (4 mile) ride up to Coroico (1,600masl or 5,250 ft) ,... although masochists may choose to cycle up, ... where we can enjoy a late lunch, take in the magnificent scenery, spend time relaxing by the pool and enjoy a cold drink, in the afternoon, well return back to la Paz.

Optional: You can spend the night in Coroico rather than returning to La Paz the day of the ride, in such a case, we will arrange for the delivery of your backpack to a hotel in Coroico. Many people take this option and then bus the next day from Coroico to Rurrenabaque and the Bolivian Amazon Jungle.


  • Entry Fees Included
  • Fantastic US made mountain bikes.
  • Cycling helmets and cycling gloves.
  • Professional speaking English Guide with more than 5 years of mountain biking experience.
  • 4x4 vehicle support throughout the ride (for carrying your luggage, spare bikes, and first aid supplies) .
  • 2-way radios for guides and driver.
  • Full first-aid supplies (and our guides are trained to use them)
  • Instruction and coaching throughout the ride
  • All transportation.
  • Snacks and a light lunch


Prices in US American Dollas per person


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