Our Bungee Jump is considered as one of the highest in America. This activity will start from a holding cage that rises to 122 mts through a hydraulic winch. The jump will be with an elastic rope that is specially designed for this type of activity which is secured to the ankle's client.


The sling shot is the reverse of a bungee jump. The client uses a body harness and a similar rope that the bungee jump. It is secured to the back of the harness, and to the other end to the jump cage of the bungee jump, it works like a catapult.


Our Swing Giant Pendulum implies that the client is suspended horizontal possition at half from the ground to the steel cables that are attached to a bridge between two 30 meter parallel towers.


It is a 120 meter free descent, there are no walls or boulders. Our gues tuses a harness fitted by our staff, he/her goes up with the Bungee jumping cage.


You will fly down from 60 mts high (aprox 187 feet) along 200 mts (aprox 650 feet) over the Park through a steel cable, reaching a top speed of 50 km/hour (aprox 40 miles/hour).


You will climb in the most basic and simple way. You will need only your strength and ingenuity to go up. The client will have a waist harness and a climbing rope for his security, the rope is controlled by the instructor who is at ground level.

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