With a suspended platform over 120 meters high, cataloged as the highest Bungee in Latin America, the bungee jumping will be one of the best experiences of your vacation. We are located just minutes from the city of Cusco.

Our jumps are with a special rope, designed exactly for this kind of activities, this rope is fixed at the feet of our client who also has a body harness which is tightly fastened to a safety tape. The security is complete with what is guaranteed an extremely intense jump.


If you ever dreamed of flying like Superman, Iron Man or Goku, this is your great opportunity. You have made your dreams come true and fly more than 120 meters high in just 3 seconds. Live the emotion and adrenaline to be thrown like a rocket and in the safest way.

Designed to be a perfect experience and live it to the fullest. The customer is secured to the ground with a special anchoring system, the other end of the link is anchored to his harness on the back, and another end anchored to the elevator.

Once the elevator rises to a certain height depending on the weight of the client that extends the link, the trigger on the ground is activated releasing the client into the air, where it is suspended and held safely by our elevator.

Our bungee jumping and slingshot system was designed by engineers and architects, has all the safety rules, insurance, procedures and the latest equipment. We provide personalized attention and with more than our 100000 jumps, we guarantee a full adrenaline adventure.


Depending on the time reserved for your Bungee Jumping or Slingshot activity, we will pass through your hotel located in the center of the city to take you to our offices located at Santa Teresa Street # 325, where you will meet the rest of the participants, it is very important that you bring your original Passport to proceed to sign a contract and then start our adventure.

We will drive to our adventure park, located 20 minutes from Cusco. Upon arrival at the park you will be greeted by our guides who will give you a brief explanation of the activities to be carried out and then proceed to a small warm-up.

The activity lasts approximately 1 hour depending on the number of participants and the number of activities chosen.

Once the activities are finished, our transportation will bring you back to the same point of departure in Cusco.

Daily Departures.

Departure times : 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00

  • Round trip transportation
  • Professional Instructors
  • Safety Equiptmens
  • League according to weithg
  • Certificate


  • Videos and Pictures (ask for prices in our park)


  • Light clothes
  • Original passports
  • Sunscream
  • Sunglasses
  • Jacket


  • Minimun weight : 45 Kg. (99 lb.)
  • Maximun weithg : 115 Kg. (253 lb.)
  • Maximun age : 65 Años
  • Minimun age : 13 years old. Minors of age must be authorized by their parents and must jump in their presence. In the case of a tutor, he or she must request a permission document from Action Valley

* People over 65 will be allowed to jump, after a medical evaluation, and knowing that they are not covered by our insurance.


  • Heart problems
  • Hypertension
  • Spine Problems
  • varicose veins
  • Recent fractures in upper and/or lower limbs.
  • Pregnancy

COMBO : Bungee Jumping + Slingshot, ask by email.


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